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did you kno

they get married and have a baby in the manga

omg wut tho. Srsly? They actually confirm a ship in pokemon and its… amazing? FUCK.

Yep, yep!


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What I’ve been reading: Bakuman (END)

I finished Bakuman. I took an entire year off at one point from reading it, then came back around the beginning of the year. And it still could get me excited over every little arc.

My only disappointment is that over the years, I’ve lost faith in that kind of true love ever happening to me. I’ve grown older, made a bunch of mistakes, and the next couple years of my life are going to be about fixing them, unfortunately.

Despite that, when I read the chapter with Azuki’s radio show, I was trembling in support.

The series did a number of arcs, without a single one feeling overblown or dragged out. Just when you were getting tired of it, they’d find a climax that would send you reeling. The wave would build up, then crash.

For the final chapter, it was just after another crash. So I can’t say it ended with a bang. But you can never say it ended with a whimper. Work hard, gather the support you need, and in the end you’ll be able to call it “life”.

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Tokyopop Closes Down

So I’m late on this. As of this Memorial Day weekend, the book licensing devision of the company closes its doors. All of its licenses go back to the original Japanese publishers, who may re-license with another American company, or whatever.

Honestly, I grew up mostly disliking the manga that the company published. For every 10-20 manga they licensed, I could find myself only liking one. But… Tokyopop licensed Love Hina, which was the first manga I ever read. I ended up buying all 14 volumes of it too. If it wasn’t for that, I probably wouldn’t be buying or even reading any manga today (yes, I’m that much of a lazy ass that I’d happily go anime only). Just for Love Hina, I’ll give them a moment of silence. Sayonara.