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This piece by concept artist Jamie Ro shows the iconic norn heroine Eir Stegalkin making an underwater discovery.

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‘Twas the Night before Launch Day, when all through the guild
not a member was posting, their yearnings fulfilled.
Their patchers lay open and all up-to-date,
Come morrow was launch day, the end of the wait.
The servers hummed softly, the hamsters asleep.
Their wheels all lay idle, not making a peep.
While upstairs the programmers worked long through the night,
A new bug had emerged causing all a great fright.
Finally the devs made one last commit
Their baby was ready, or as close they could make it.
Into the world, they would soon send their game
So in Tyria, players could seek fortune and fame.
Then as the hour, eventually drew near
From Mumble there erupted such a great cheer!
“The servers are up! It’s time now to play!”
Guild Wars 2 for all and to all Happy Launch Day!
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Guild Wars 2 Tutorial Video