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Move/Primary Skill/Interact


Standard and Relative WASD and Joystick Scripts For Diablo III

Didn’t find it until the open beta was over (of course) but almost all of the responses are positive and he’s still updating, so keep it in mind for retail?

Thanks. I definitely will try it.

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Move/Primary Skill/Interact

So, I just finished the Diablo 3 beta. I was so busy the entire weekend that I could only sneak in a few hours before the end. Final verdict?

I’d only get this game to play with friends. Why? Because of the same thing that made me rage at Torchlight until I heard they added controller support (and even then I haven’t returned to it): Click to move. Specifically, click to move combined with the same exact click to attack.

Playing a ranged character on anything where the same button to shoot is the same button to move is torture. The slightest misclick can send you straight into a mob. If an enemy is fleeing and you have to manage clicking on him, and then not clicking on him, in order to keep up. If you’re trying to back away while firing upon enemies your mouse will have to be flying all over the screen.

Why do people do this? Am I just not as accurate with the mouse as they expect? Well then I’m doomed to be so. So many of my deaths came from the fact that managing movement combined with shooting was near impossible at times. One death came just because I pulled too many speedy and elite monsters while at a low level, so my snares couldn’t keep up with all of them (played Demon Hunter).

It’s a miracle I managed to kill any of those treasure demons.

In the end, I like to be able to easily move and attack. The only games where I put up with it being such a difficulty are RE4 and RE5, and they’ve even been doing away with it in the more recent titles. Still, while Resident Evil was fun despite having to stop all the time to shoot, Diablo 3 isn’t fun enough for me to deal with control impediments if I’m going to roll solo much of the time.