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[W101] Quick Combo Guide

So, the demo for Wonderful 101 came out last week, and I fell in love. I even wrote a quick guide on NeoGAF to the combo system for people who were having a hard time getting a good combo score. Here it is, with some edits.

Quick Combo Points Guide

Combos points are calculated from Base Score * Score Multiplier (as you noticed).

Base Score is increased by…

1 point for just hitting an enemy.

+100 points for hitting a stunned enemy (the dazed bird icon appears)

+200 points for blocking an enemy attack (a red jello icon appears)

+200 points for doing an elemental block (a star icon appears)

+150 points for picking up and throwing an enemy (a blue tossed car icon appears)

+100 points for using a GethJerk weapon against an enemy (a green G symbol appears)

+100 points for perfect dodging an attack (a red spring icon appears)

+50 points for doing a launcher attack on an enemy, regardless of it launching (a red uppercut icon appears)

It seems like the launcher bonus can be overridden by the stunned enemy bonus.

You don’t actually get just 1 point for hitting an enemy; it’s a variable amount based on the attack you’re using. But it’s a small amount that I’m not about to try and figure out. Grab attacks give you 1 point, and an attack with Yellow gives 20 or 30 points or something.

Multiplier is increased by…

x.04 for an attack with Red or Blue

x.10 for an attack with Green

x.05 for an attack with Pink

x.10 for an attack with Yellow

Multiplier is just increased for every hit. Certain exceptions exist, like doing Green’s launcher into rapid fire doesn’t actually get you a ton of multiplier points. There seems to be a limit to how fast both your base score and multiplier go up, so spamming Multi Morphs on a dazed enemy won’t make your score go crazy. [B]Getting your mutiplier to above x2.5 gives your unite morph an element attack.[/B] Fireballs for Red, Lightning Blade for Blue, etc.

The game is pretty forgiving with the length of time between combos. It feels like five full seconds, but I never timed it. If you’re ever worried, just do a quick Grab attack with X to get an easy hit. This is especially sage advice when facing off against tanks.

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